Saturday 9 January 2016

Review- The Year Of Falling In Love

Sunnyvale Book 2

The Year of Falling in Love (Sunnyvale, #2)

Isabella Anders just found out Lynn and her dad want to send her to a reform school. But with the help of Grandma Stephy, Isa’s dad agrees to let her move in with her grandma.

Isa is more than relieved to be moving out. And after going on an unofficial date with Kyler, she wonders if maybe her life is starting to turn around. But then she discovers the truth about what really happened to her mother.

Not ready to fully accept that her mother is a murderer, Isa turns to Kai for help. Kai is more than willing to help, but to protect Isa, he keeps some of the more brutal details about her mother’s case to himself until he can find out more.

But when a mysterious blue car starts showing up everywhere, and Isa receives a threatening text message from an unknown caller, Kai realizes someone is dead set on destroying Isa. And he might not be able to protect her.
My Review
I love Jess, I have read many of her books
so I was really excited to start The Year Of Falling In Love
I just knew it would be another great read
TYOFIL is the second book in the Sunnyvale series.. I didn't read book1 first as I didn't know it was not a standalone...
but having said that I totally understood everything going on in the book so in my opinion it can be read as a standalone.. but obviously it is best read after book1
I really enjoyed this book, but it ends not on a cliff hanger but rather without the answers to many questions.... I basically leaves you wanting more.... and the damn answers
I need book 3 like now!!!
The Year Of Falling In Love is Isa's story continued from book 1...
I really feel for her as she has had a shitty past and has a lot of really crappy stuff going on in her life at the moment
What annoyed me about this book was Isa's relationship with Kai
Kai is her best friend, he is always there for her and he is a really sweet guy... he has also had a HUGE crush on Isa for like "forever"
But the sad thing is she has a huge crush on Kyler... Kai's older brother
so she cant see how much Kai likes her
Its one huge mess...
The book is set out over a really short period of time... and a lot happens in that short time
There is a lot of drama to keep you turning the pages and wanting to know what happens next...
It really kept my interest..
But I would of liked to find out my answers in this book rather than having to wait for he next book......   but then the good thing is we get another book of the amazing Kai <3
OMG I could read a whole book just about him <3
Overall it was an enjoyable book... but it was missing the spark we normally get from Jess's books
So only 4* for this one.... where all of the other books I've read from Jess have been 5*
....xoxo faye

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