Saturday 9 January 2016

Review - Dirty Billionaire #1

The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy Book 1
Dirty Billionaire (The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy, #1)
I've got a big dick and an even bigger bank account. That's pretty much where my bio ends. Honestly, I don't need to say anything else. I've just sold 99% of women on going home with me.

Do I sound like an asshole to you?

That's because I am.

And guess what? It works for me just fine.

Or at least it did.

Until I met her.

Books talk about sparks flying. Fuck that shit. With her, it was like emergency flares mixed with jet fuel. Or maybe just straight up napalm.

Only one problem.

She didn't leave her name or number when she disappeared from the hotel room after the hottest fucking night of my life. Now I've had a taste of unicorn pussy—the sweetest, rarest of all pussy—and I need it again.

So what's an asshole to do?
I took this problem to the street. A missed connection gone viral.

And when I find her? I'm keeping her.
My Review
Dirty Billionaire is book1 in the new Dirty Billionaire series by the amazing Meghan March
I have read a few book by Meghan and loved them, she is a very talented author...
her books are so original and have a very unique spin to them
Meghan kind of puts her own stamp on all of her books... which makes them so much more than your typical Billionaire romance books
Dirty Billionaire is a short read but still packs all the great stuff you would get in a full length novel.. without it being to over crammed...
Holly is a up and coming musician, that I having a crappy time at the hands of the record label she is currently signed with... they have her by a contract
so Holly must do whatever they tell her until her contract runs out...
Holly is normally so straight and always sticks to the rules.. but she decides she will give herself one night to have fun and to have a night of amazing sex with a total stranger...
She calls it her Christmas present to herself :) (love it)
While out looking for her "present" she meets Creighton the sexy billionaire
both are looking for no strings one night stands.. perfect
After a night of the most amazing sex Creighton has ever had, he wakes to find his hook up gone...
Creighton deciedes he is far from finished with her... and what Creighton wants her gets
the only problem being... they never even exchanged names
so he has no idea where to start looking for his sexy stranger
But Creighton wont give up looking without a fight... he makes it his mission to find the girl he cant get out of his mind
He will look for her... he will find her and he wants to keep her   <<< see what I did there :)
Dirty Billionaire is on HOT, SEXY READ
I was getting hot flushes reading some of the sex (WOW steamy hot)
I loved the story line and plot and basically everything about Dirty Billionaire
Meghan did not disappoint with this book...
It was a really awesome. steamy read. with nothing to deep or heavy
WELL DONE Meghan... another EPIC BOOK
keep them coming hunny :)
I cant wait for book2 in the Dirty Billionaire Series
I highly recommend you read it :)
................xoxo faye

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