Torn Series - Pushed #1 & Pulled #2 - by A.F Crowell

Pushed (Torn Book 1)
Trauma nurse Leila Matthews is about to meet the one man who can tear through her emotional defenses, but the billionaire playboy will have a harder time winning her heart than her body.

Sexy, emotional and intense, Pushed, book one in the Torn series, begins the saga of Brody, Leila, and Jaxon.



Nurse Leila Matthews has seen it all, or so she thought until this morning. Into the chaos of her trauma ward walked a man more intense than anything she has ever known. His smile tore away all her defenses, and his kiss ignited flames damped for far too long—and a knowledge that such dangerous ripples are only the beginning.

Brody Davis is anything but safe. Wealthy, handsome, and unrepentantly single, the billionaire’s first priority is himself…and the pleasure of every woman he’s sure to leave. Yet his best friend’s baby sister is temptation itself. If any female could make him stay, it would be Leila, whose sweet lips and sweeter flesh push him to be better than he believes he can. He desires a quick conquest. The battle for Leila’s heart is yet to be fought. And he is not the only combatant.

My Review
Warning This Book Ends In A Cliff-hanger!!!
WOW - A great read I could not put down
I devoured it in one sitting
Pushed is told in duel P.O.V's which is always a good thing in my book, so we get to know what the other characters thoughts and feelings are..
Pushed had me feeling all kinds of emotions, one minute I loved a character and the next I wanted to strangle them.. haha
The story is about Leila, Brody and with a side of Jaxson..
Leila is the heroine, she is a strong sassy women and is also a ER nurse..
Brody is your typical rich business man and Jaxson is the hot sexy biker...
They are all thrown in to one amazing story that has a load of twist and turns..
** This book has no cheating even though it has a kinda love triangle**
As I already stated the book ends if a cliff-hanger.. but lucky for me :) I can dive straight in to book 2 (Pulled)..
Pushed was an amazing book and a great read..
I cant believe this is the authors first book.
A.F.Crowell is very talented,,, I can see her becoming a great well know author... watch this space :) .....xoxo faye

E.R. nurse Leila Matthews’s whole life turned upon one single sentence: “Brody, I’m pregnant.” What she thought would be the happiest day of her life became a nightmare as she was abandoned by the father of her soon-to-be-born child. If her friend Jaxon wasn’t there to pick up the pieces, she couldn’t have coped. Then what had started out as a deep and abiding friendship became a soul-searing love.

Yet, while Jaxon is the man of her dreams, Leila doesn’t want her child to grow up not knowing its father. The situation, a triangle involving tortured pasts and unstoppable passion, will test everyone involved. Both suitors will seek forgiveness for terrible mistakes, and Leila will soon be pulled between two powerful men: a handsome CEO who owns all he surveys, and an ex-soldier whose M.C. teeters on the brink of the unforgivable. Leila must choose the man who is perfect for her future…and for the future of her child.
My Review
Warning - Ends in another Cliff-Hanger
I started reading Pulled straight after finishing Pushed (book 1)
After reading and loving Pushed I was so excited to read Pulled to see where the story went and OHH BOY!!! what a rollercoaster read..... Pulled did not disappoint..
Brody and Jaxson the two male leads, GRRR they had me shouting at my kindle and had my emotions all over... one minute I loved them, then hated them and I kept changing my mind about who I would prefer Leila (lead female) to choose..
OHHH this author sure knows how to get her readers emotionally invested in her books...
The title Pulled is perfect for this book as I felt like I was being pulled in every direction right along with characters, all throughout the story..
Pulled is full of twist and turns that keep you gripped from the beginning to the end..
This series is a MUST READ!!! I have been telling anyone who will listen that they need to read these books :) I loved them that much..
Now I cant wait for Torn (Book 3) to see how this all ends ...
A.F Crowell is a very talented author, this series is the first she's written and if she keeps writing books like this epic series then I have no doubt that she will become a well known best selling author .... LOVED IT......xoxo faye

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