Brando - Part 1 & Part 2 - J D Hawkins

Brando (Brando, #1)
I know what you want, and I know exactly how to give it to you...

It's why I've got a row of platinum records on my wall and girls lining up for a shot at fame. I'm the best. Now I just need to prove it.

The bet is simple: take a nobody and make her a star. I just didn't bet on HER.

She's not some wannabe, she's the real deal.

But fuck it, I want her. And I always come out on top.
My Review
This is the first book I've read from this author but certainly wont be the last
WARNING ends in kind of a cliff-hanger
I loved this book and I loved Brando
Brando is kind of a producer in the music industry, he goes out to local pubs and clubs to find new up and coming singers and bands
Hayley is a artist that sings in local crappy bars and that's how she meets Brando :) kind of :)
It all starts with a bet with his rival
To win back his most successful musician that also happens to be Brando's ex
He has to take a nobody and make them into a huge star with a number 1 hit in a limited amount of time.... easy right??
Brando can turn anyone into a star..
But what Brando didn't expect is to fall for her... hook, line and sinker .
She has a very unique talent and the more he gets to know her to more harder he falls...
I loved, loved, loved Brando and can't wait to start book2 to see how everything turns out...
J.D has talent, his writing is flawless.......xoxo faye
Brando: Part Two (Brando, #2)
I gave you exactly what you wanted, and you still want more...

I thought I had everything: the fame, the money, and a girl on top — of the charts, that is.

But it turns out, it means nothing without her. The only girl who ever knew the real me. She doesn’t give a fuck about the platinum records or the VIP lounge, she wants more than that. She wants a future with me.

And I’m all in.
All the way in..
My Review
Part one needs to be read first
Part 2 starts where Part 1 finished .... right after that darn cliff-hanger
Again Brando is as HOT as ever and this book just made me love his even more..
He has to fight tooth and nail for what he wants and what Brando wants her gets..
At first he gives up and feels like he has lost everything, but once he gets a kick up the butt he put's up one hell of a fight to win back all that he's lost...
I don't want to give away any of the plot if you haven't already read book 1.... ( what are you doing go read it NOW!!! )
J.D Hawkins is now one of my fave authors ... I would seriously read his shopping list.. haha ..... 5* must read ........oxox faye

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