Wednesday 20 April 2016

My Review of Imperfect Harmony

Title ~ Imperfect Harmony 
Author ~ Jay Northcote
Genre ~ m/m Romance
Heat ~ 4/5 ~ HOT 
HEA ~ Yes 
Rating ~ 4/5*

Imperfect harmony can still be beautiful…

John Fletcher, a former musician, is stuck in limbo after losing his long-term partner two years ago. He’s shut himself off from everything that reminds him of what he’s lost. When his neighbour persuades him to join the local community choir, John rediscovers his love of music and finds a reason to start living again.

Rhys Callington, the talented and charismatic choir leader, captures John’s attention from the first moment they meet. He appears to be the polar opposite of John: young, vibrant, and full of life. But Rhys has darkness in his own past that is holding him back from following his dreams.

Despite the nineteen-year age gap, the two men grow close and a fragile relationship blossoms. Ghosts of the past and insecurities about the future threaten their newfound happiness. If they’re going to 
harmonise in life and love as they do in their music, they’ll need to start following the same score.

My Review
I am still kinda new to m/m books, but I can confirm I have really fallen in love with this amazing genre

I have previously read a maybe 1 or 2 books by this author and really enjoyed them, so I was excited to dive into Imperfect Harmony

Imperfect Harmony is a really sweet story of two very different guys on a bumpy ride to find their second chance of life 

 I usually prefer my books with a lot of drama and lots of hot steamy sex/sexual 
tension.. And this book didn't let me down

 Imperfect harmony has a nice amount of sex and plenty of sexual buildup.. 
The plot is a kinda sad one,, it really tugs at your heart and at times I could feel myself tearing up 
But it's not all sex and sadness... Imperfect Harmony is a story of 2 really great guys learning to live and love again

I LOVED the characters...
We meet John who is grieving the loss of his long time partner and now just recently dealing with the death of a parent 
We also meet Rhys, who is also grieving the loss of his first love from a awful incident 
John is a big, rugged 40+ tough guy
And Rhys is a 20+ slim, slightly neardy cute guy
On the outside they are total opposites... But they have a lot more in common than the first thought

From the moment they meet there is instant connection... They are both kinda broken, they are just surviving and not really living
They start getting to know each other and slowly open themselves up to the fact that they could be have a chance at a happy ever after together,,, if only they can get over the many obstacles that stand in the way

I highly recommend this book to all m/m readers enjoy beautiful love story's.. And second chance at love plots

I also want to add ~ | How Awesome Is The Book Cover? It Is Totally How I picture 

I love Jay's writing style, and have enjoyed every book I have read so far... I can't wait to see what this author releases next 

A Beautiful 4* Read


My review of Hunter

Title ~ Hunter 
Author ~ Blaire Drake
Genre ~ Mafia Romance
Rating ~ 3/5*
Born into blood, I was a mafia princess. Raised in hiding, I was a Californian sweetheart.

The day my father sold my thirteen year old body to pay off a five year old debt was the day my mother stole me in the dead of night. She protected me as she was supposed to.

My father may have been the king, but my mother was the queen.

The mafia blood was hers.

That was ten years ago. Now… the devil was on the loose.

Carlo ‘Hunter’ Rosso was my father’s right hand man and the boy I’d loved since I could tie my own shoelaces. He was always the most ruthless and the most deadly of all the children.

He’d thought I was dead until the day his assignment was given: Kill Adriana and Alexandria Romano. Kill the princess, and definitely kill the queen.

What he didn’t know was that the queen was dead, and the princess had taken her throne.

Blood didn’t lie. It smeared, distorted, stained. But it didn’t lie.

My father was going to learn the hard way that the empire he’d stolen belonged to me.

And so did Carlo ‘Hunter’ Rosso.

  I have previously read Dear Professor by Blaire Drake and Freaking Loved it, so when I was given the chance to read Hunter, I was really excited to get my hands on it..

Hunter is a Mafia style romance with plenty of angst, heat and a whole load of drama.. Basically everything you could want from a book Hunter has it

Hunter has everything a love in a book... But it felt as if something was missing from the story!!! 
Don't get me wrong I would definitely recommend this book, but it was missing the wow factor 

I love Blaire Drakes writing style and as I said I devoured Dear Professor, I will for sure be looking out for the next book by this author..

3* Enjoyable Read


Friday 8 April 2016

Review of Training Him

Hot new M/M romance! 

Over weight and stuck in a loveless relationship, Troy makes the decision to join the local Gym and get back into shape for his girl. What he wasn’t expecting was to meet Mikah. Will his confusion scare him or tantalize him. 

Mikah is a trainer at Olympus Gym, openly gay outside of work, and in a happy relationship, that is until the afternoon he met Troy. With no intentions of changing Troy’s orientation, Mikah can’t help but admire 
from a distance. 

Sparks will fly while Mikah is, Training Him. 

A Nice and Easy, Short and Sweet m/m, GFY 

Training Him is the 1st book by Alissa I have read and it is also her 1st m/m read

Training Him was and enjoyable read...
I had a few problems with it but overall it was a nice short book

This book has a great blurb that really grips you 
For me the story just didn't hit all the right marks

PROBLEMS ~ The story/plot was a great one that could of certainly been an amazing book... But I found certain part a bit unbelievable!!! 

I know it is fiction... But I prefer my books where I can imagine them acting out in my head and so I can imagine them being real 

I Love Mikah... The hot, sexy, buff, gay guy... He is just a really nice guy
Troy, hmm.... I kinda liked him, but found they way he treated his GF a bit shitty!!! 
Also another huge problem for me was the fact that as soon as Troy decided to act on his attraction to Mikah he was full steam ahead !!!! I mean come on!!!! He has been straight all his life... I though it would of been better if he had gone into the sexual stuff with a little more nerves or at least eased into it... 
But I know it's a short book and everything has fit... So you can't really drag it out when the book is only a short story 

Other than a few problems I really did enjoy Training Him... I would of loved for it to be a full length story 😀

I am finding that atm I am enjoying m/m books a lot more that m/f !!! 
Up until a few moths ago I had never read a m/m book,,, but now I am totally addicted 
And Training Him was a perfect m/m read 

Overall a easy enjoyable 3.5* 


Friday 4 March 2016

Dirty Bad Secrets by Jade West

It’s been three years since I set foot in Club Explicit, and three long years since I set eyes on Andy Morgan.
He doesn’t want me here, doesn’t want to know me, doesn’t want to even hear my name.
But I’m back on his doorstep, in his office, in his life… with a suitcase full of dirty bad secrets.

Faye Devere is out to claim her old life back. Three years in Italy have come at a heavy price, and she’s running back to the only anchor she has left: her fifty-fifty share of Club Explicit, and the man she left to pick up her pieces.
But Andy Morgan’s long over it. Long over her.
Club Explicit is his baby now. His club, his rules, his way.
Andy’s not a man who shares easily. And certainly not with the woman who upped and left without so much as a goodbye.

When your battlefield is London’s horniest playground, and sex is the sole weapon left in your arsenal, it’s only a matter of time before the fight gets dirty… and the secrets get dirty bad.

WARNING: As is always the case with Jade West novels, please proceed with caution. The book 
contains hardcore BDSM and sexual practices that may offend some readers. Please use your own discretion. Most definitely 18+ on 

My Review 
  This is the first book I have read by Jade
 Dirty Bad Secrets is book 4  in that dirty bad series,  all books and read as standalones
 The all feature a different couple but they all kind of revolve around Club Explicit 

 The series order is :
1.  Dirty bad wrong 
2.  Dirty bad savage 
3.  Dirty bad strangers 
4.  Dirty bad secrets 

 Okay… So going into Dirty Bad Secrets, I was well aware of the warning from Jade..  
That this book was going to be a very dirty, bad, wrong book and I can usually deal with most crazy, naughty sex stuff..  But OMG this book just blew any warning right out the water!!!

 Dirty bad secret should be in it's own League of dirty ha ha !!! It totally topped anything I have ever read before 

 Also I want to add... that this book gets a extra star just for the fact it has a main character called Faye
 This is the first book I have ever read with a main character named Faye... And I have read many books!!! 
 So Jade..  Thank you so much for creating a character as out of this world as Faye, love ya 

 Okay the story…  it's Faye and Andy's story,  they are the owners of Club Explicit (The best 
ever BDSM/Sex club around) 
 Andy has been running the club for the last 3 to 4 years alone, after Faye took off and left him for another man !!!

Andy and Faye were only ever friends & business partners...  But they both have always secretly love the other way more than any friend should 
 So when Faye  left him to run the club alone and go live with another man he was furious, hurt and vowed to never forgive her

Now Faye is back... And she has changed 
 Something happened to her while she was gone and she is no longer there same Faye that Andy once knew.... 

 They now both have many Dirty Bad Secrets....

 I loved the story lines and plot… Amazing 
  Most of the sex stuff was hot as hell !!!
 But there were a few things I didn't like so much.... Mostly the parts where Faye took control and I defiantly didn't like it when she included Topaz!!!.... I Really HATED them parts!!! (don't get me wrong it was hot as hell, but i would of preferred it to of just been Andy and Faye) 

 I absolutely LOVED Andy  <3<3
 He was a really nice guy and he genuinely cared for Faye... I LOVED his sexy dominant side ;) 

The only thing that I really disliked about dirty but secret was Faye!!!
 I get that she is a bit messed up with what she went through… But she was just a bitch!!!
 She was selfish and only thought about herself.... And she was a total drama queen

 It was definitely Andy that saved the book for me 
 I would've preferred him to get with Faye and her to have not been a HUGE BITCH to him and to have not included Topaz at all... Then this book would of been a definite 5 Stars 

 I have read the synopsis for the first three books and I'm thinking I may go back and give them a go...  I am definitely curious 
And I defiantly want to read more about The Masque guy

Overall 4*... For Andy 


Thursday 3 March 2016

Set The Pace by Kim Karr

The Detroit Love #1

Every city needs a hero, but Detroit’s white knight just might be a villain. 

A rough childhood branded Jasper Storm trouble. A bad boy. Not worth a damn. His love of cars was the 
only thing that could battle his delinquency. With the need for speed in his blood, he overcame his 

wayward ways. Mostly. All grown up, the broken city of Detroit hails him their shining star. And the man behind a new cutting-edge automobile is ready to turn this bankrupt town around.

Everything he does in life is fast. He talks fast, f*cks fast, and drives fast. But when one reckless turn 
brings him face-to-face with the childhood he has tried very hard to forget, he finds himself on the edge of wondering if he shouldn’t slow down.

Charlotte Lane was the tomboy who lived next door. She was his best friend. He was her protector. Then tragedy struck and she disappeared, forever—or so he thought.

Jasper has many reasons to hate Charlotte and keep his distance, but she’s infiltrating his every thought and he can’t stay away. Back in town with an agenda of her own, she should push him aside. Make him turn around. Walk away herself. Yet she can't. 

With the past lurking between them, they proceed with caution. That is until one sex-filled night leads to 

murder. When Detroit’s biggest ally suddenly becomes suspect number one, will Charlotte—the girl 
Jasper once kept safe—be the one to save him? 

My Review
Why is this the 1st book I've read by Kim Karr???
Damn I have so been missing out!!! 

From the moment I started reading Set The Pace, I was gripped 
And I didn't stop reading until the book ended.... On a HUGE CLIFF-HANGER!!! 
WOW... It was the king of all cliff hangers!!! And I NEED book 2 NOW!!! 

If you hate cliff hanger ending then this book is not for you,, or wait for book 2 to release then you will defo want to read this book..

Set The Pace is so not your typical fast car, racer romance 
Which is what I was expecting going in, but no this book definitely stands out from the rest.. there is a whole load of mystery and drama thrown in there too..

I was really shocked with where the story went and it made the book that much more exciting, which had me constantly guessing 
I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish....
Until that cliff hanger when I nearly fell off my seat and threw my kindle out the window!!! 

Set The Pace is Jasper and Charlotte's book 

Charlotte is a photographer for a online magazine, she is a really sweet, lovely girl
Jasper is a bad boy, manwhore racer with the world at his feet 
They have a explosive relationship... And whenever their together there is always 
They have both had really crappy childhoods and a little broken 

They are soulmates... and the chemistry between them is Hot as Hell 
But there are so many things that happen and stop them from being together 

I really want to see them get their happy ever after!!! 
After all the bad stuff they have been through, there isn't a couple out there that deserve to have happiness then these two

I am hoping book 2 is out soon as I NEED TO KNOW HOW THE BOOK ENDS!!!

The ending of this book left me so freaking MAD!!! 

Set The Pace is one Hell of a ride you do not want to miss 


Tuesday 1 March 2016

Review of ~ A Story Of A Kiss - The Anthology

Thirteen new and never before seen short stories!*********** 

There will be a thousand kisses in a lifetime but only a handful trapped forever in your heart. This Valentine's day, join The Story of a Kiss anthology as we take you into the lives of thirteen couples. From a very first kiss of a high-school prom queen, to a kiss that travels the width of time. Kisses of redemption, heartache, discovery, and so much more. 

Thirteen authors. 

Thirteen kisses you'll never forget. 

Taylor Sullivan- Never Regret 
At twenty-four, Margaret Andrews is still a virgin and sick of it. After a year on the top dating site in America, and a late night episode of HUNG on HBO, she's decided to take matters into her own hands and hires a professional. 

Kelly Lincoln- Maybe now 
When Hunter finally reveals his feelings for his best friend, Ava, their moment is destroyed by a tragedy. Now adults, a chance meeting could be the perfect opportunity for a kiss ten years in the making. 

Kathryn L. James- Crazy Beautiful Kiss 
Calista and Colin shared a sizzling kiss…one she couldn’t forget and one he didn’t remember. When their paths cross again, an innocent weekend in paradise becomes unforgettable. 

Sha RenĂ©e- Forbidden Kisses 
Ethan is a Navy Officer. Layla is Enlisted. According to rules, any personal relationship between them is prohibited. But can military regulations separate lovers who are destined to be together? 

Leslie Kung- At Long Last 
Janny and Tom grew up together, but right before their friendship could turn into a budding romance, life and gravity pulled them apart. When the friends reconnected, their chemistry was undeniable--but tragedy put distance between them again. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to finally fall in love. 

Emma Marie Leigh- Wrong time 
Jo Stevens is an archaeology graduate student on the opportunity of a lifetime- an excavation in Pompeii. When her group discovers a basement, everything Jo knows is rocked. Rules are broken. Lines are crossed. Jo unearths everything she's ever wanted. She's just in the wrong time. 

Louisa Blackwood- Can’t Let Go 
Josephine “Joe” Burke has been running since the night her mother died, choosing solitude over dreams. Forced to return to her hometown and her old flame, she can feel her defenses crumbling. Can she let go of the haunting history holding her back? 

Polly J. Brown- Ever Be 
Evangeline’s life revolved around the water until she nearly drowned. Six weeks later, she returns to the beach to confront her fears, and Gregory Owen, the surfer who saved her life. 

Jaye Cox- Love in Photographs 
When her heart remembers but her head doesn't, will one photograph change everything? Claire didn't need her memories when everything within her knew she loved him.

Brandy Ayers- Fighting Faith 
At nineteen, Jasper, the love of Faith’s life, shattered her heart. Now, ten years later, they’re forced together once more. Can she hold onto the last few remaining pieces of her heart? 

Kate DeHart- Missed Kisses 
Struggling with the recent death of her mother, Jess finds solace in her best friend Ben. Years of sweet memories cause their feelings to grow, until he does the one thing that could tear them apart. 

Jody Pardo- Left Swipe Chronicles 
Roommates Liz and Michelle venture into the world of online dating. After a series of bad first dates, how many swipes will it take to find her Man of Steel? 

Cherry Shephard- Precious 
18 year old Precious Montgomery is a nobody, she’s never even had her first kiss . . . but that’s about to change. Precious has to decide what’s more important; what she’s always wanted . . . or what she’s always had.

My Review 
 Story of a kiss is an anthology of 13 short stories which are feature and out of this world kiss <3
 Anything from the first kiss, last kiss, broken kiss and much more...

 I don't usually read any kind of anthology...
Why?.. Because they most of the time feature short story's and I like my books full length with all the details, I like to get to know the characters and I love the build up of a story

But I decided to take a chance on this one and I am so happy I did
The story's are short!!! But they had just enough details, character development and excitement to be enjoyable.. They are the perfect quick reads 

Some story's were hot as hell, some really sweet and swoony and others really sad.... 
Story Of A Kiss has a little bit of everything 

Another great thing about these anthologies is the fact that you get to meet new authors.. You get to read a short story by a author new to you and you get a feel for there writing style and if they are the kind of author you would like.. So it's an excellent way to find new amazing authors 

I absolutely loved this anthology, Story of a Kiss has definitely changed my opinion on anthologies... In the future I will defiantly read more books like this 

4* Great Quick Read 

At ONLY $0.99 its a MUST BUY
13 Short stories at that price is a BARGAIN 
and a MUST HAVE on your kindle 


Monday 29 February 2016

Review of Mercy Denied: Trinity


She and her friend set me up. Then they sent those pictures to my wife. Little did they know that she’d already left me and that I was devastated and ready to self-destruct. Because of her, I lost everything I
ever wanted … the only hope I had. Now I will risk everything I have left to destroy her. It doesn't matter why she did it, that she was hurting, or even that she was drunk. It doesn't matter that she looks at me like she sees into my soul. Does it? 


Melanie was the one that’d sent those pictures to his wife, but it was me who’d told her to get her camera ready. I’d been angry at my ex-fiance and took it out on Merrick, wanting to expose him for the cheater I thought he was. I never dreamed it would go this far - that he would vow to destroy me. I’d take it all back if I could, but the damage is done. My mother’s life’s work is at his mercy and he’s determined to make me feel the loss that I caused him. Still, the way he looks at me I have to ask myself, did my poor choices wake the monster...or the man?

This is the 1st book I have read by this author, I loved this book so much.. I will definitely read more of her books 

In Mercy Denied: Trinity we meet Trinity and Merrick

Trinity just recently found out her husband to be has been having an affair.. So she kind of hates men at the moment.. Especially cheaters
While out one night with her best friend Melanie, they spot the husband of her Melanie's friend flirting and chatting girls up at the bar
Melanie tells Trinity about how shitty he treats her friend and what a crappy husband he is... So they make a stupid decision to take photo evidence of his bar activities and sent them to Melanie's friend

Only.. once Trinity takes one look into Merrick's eyes, she can see a broken man staring back at her and feels an instant connection with him
Trinity has made a mistake in judging Merrick and backs out of her plan
But it's to late... Melanie has already send the picture... The damage is done

Trinity has no idea the problems she has caused and how that picture has destroyed Merrick's life 
Merrick has lost everything that matters to him.. All because of that stupid photo 

Now with nothing left to lose, Merrick makes it his mission to destroy Trinity and get revenge 

I loved this book... It is full of suspense and has plenty of surprises 
It had me constantly guessing as to where the story would lead 

I laughed, swooned, got angry and also really emotional 

Mercy Denied: Trinity is not just a typical revenge to lovers book... It's a story of love and loss, also it shows you to never judge someone until you know them personally as you can be so wrong, as Trinity was totally wrong in her judgement of Merrick 

I love Merrick.. He was so broken and confused, he was kind of lost and had no clue how to make everything ok 
He never intentionally wanted to hurt anyone 
I loved him from the start... I could just tell that he was a great guy that just lost his way

I liked Trinity... Even though at times I wanted to strangle her, but we all make mistakes in life and 
Trinity knew when she had done wrong, she owned up to it and done her best to make things right

Trinity and Merrick are perfect for each other 
I was rooting for them from the start 

Mercy Denied: Trinity is an Amazing Emotional ride


Sunday 28 February 2016

A Review of Heated Ride (Book 7 in The Hellions MC Series)

Heated Ride is book 7 in The Hellions Ride Series 

The Hellions motorcycle club is a commitment for life, one Ruben ‘Ruby’ Castillo believes in. 

His wife Jenna ‘Vida’ Natera de Castillo has given her life to being his ol’ lady and the mother to their three children. She takes her commitment to her man seriously. 

People change, and over time, passion can fizzle. Life for Jenna falls apart the day Ruby no long-er says I do. 

Keeping the fires burning in a marriage is hard. Will the chaos of the club bring them back to-gether, or is it what pulls them further apart? Will these two find the flame again? Will their love
 find a new spark on their heated ride through life? 

This is a stand alone full length novel. Each book in the Hellions Ride series can be read stead alone or series reading order is 
One Ride 
Forever Ride 
Merciless Ride 
Eternal Ride 
Innocent Ride 
Simple Ride 
Heated Ride 

This book contains violence, adult language, and sexual situations and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. This book is a work of fiction and is not meant to be an exact depiction of life in a motorcycle club but rather to entertain. 

My Review

Fave Quotes/lines =
 "I hate watching both of you go through this, I know you've got your reasons , I've been around a long time RubĂ©n.. I had a love like yours once, and lost it to f*cking cancer, I get you've got Shit to work on. But you've got time and you've got opportunity.. Instead of hoping the girls keep your old lady around, why don't you be the reason she stays?"

"If you love something... Let it go RubĂ©n your free" 

Before Heated Ride I had only previously read 1 book by Chelsea Camaron, which was a book she co-wrote with another author, it was an amazing book called Morrison 
So I was a little nervous to start this book, and also for the fact it book 7 in the series.. I prefer to read a series in full order
But I am so happy I took the chance on this book as it was an awesome read

Heated Ride stars a couple that we meet in most of the books in the Hellions Ride series as side characters 
This book is their story a few years into their relationship 
I love the fact that this book features a couple that are years into a marriage/life..
As in most books we read about couples meeting and getting together...
 But in Heated Ride we read about Jenna and RubĂ©n, years into marriage life with kids...
we get a story of how married life can get rough, how the fire and spark can be lost in 

a once explosive relationship.. And how two soulmate can lose the love they have for themselves and there partner 
It's a story of how two soulmates loose themselves in parenting and everyday life.. And how their love for each other is no longer one of there prioritys 

Heated Ride is about the bumps, twist and turns couples can and do go through when they have been in a long relationship 
It's about how people take for granted things that you are so lucky to have... 
How you can throw away an amazing thing to go in search for something better...... When everything you ever wanted in life (your whole world) is sat at home waiting foryou 

In Heated Ride we meet Jenna and RubĂ©n.. After a tough childhood in Mexico, the flee to Amaerica to make a better life 
Jenna's brother Julio, is Ruben's best friend.. Jenna has always had a huge crush on Rubén and eventually they end up together... It was always meant to be, they are soul mates
This book flashes to years late.. RubĂ©n and Jenna are married and have 3 wonderful children 
And RubĂ©n is a member of The Hellions MC 

The children, work and just everyday life has taken over their love for each other 
They have forgotten who they once were as a person, rather than just a parent and 
partner.... The have lost their spark 
Now they must try and find themselves again,, who they are as individuals... They need to see if their marriage is worth fighting for or if the spark is gone forever

I honestly freaking LOVED this book... It's really not your typical MC read 
It's a story of a mature couple going through real life, everyday problems 

I have totally fallen in love with the Hellions MC.. I am dying to read all about the other members and couples.. I really hope Roundman/The Prez gets his own book, I really want to see him find someone special to share his precious heart with and someone that will love him just as fiercely in return <3 

   An Amazing Read 
It all felt so real <3 
And gave me so many emotions 

EPIC 5*