Monday 29 February 2016

Review of Mercy Denied: Trinity


She and her friend set me up. Then they sent those pictures to my wife. Little did they know that she’d already left me and that I was devastated and ready to self-destruct. Because of her, I lost everything I
ever wanted … the only hope I had. Now I will risk everything I have left to destroy her. It doesn't matter why she did it, that she was hurting, or even that she was drunk. It doesn't matter that she looks at me like she sees into my soul. Does it? 


Melanie was the one that’d sent those pictures to his wife, but it was me who’d told her to get her camera ready. I’d been angry at my ex-fiance and took it out on Merrick, wanting to expose him for the cheater I thought he was. I never dreamed it would go this far - that he would vow to destroy me. I’d take it all back if I could, but the damage is done. My mother’s life’s work is at his mercy and he’s determined to make me feel the loss that I caused him. Still, the way he looks at me I have to ask myself, did my poor choices wake the monster...or the man?

This is the 1st book I have read by this author, I loved this book so much.. I will definitely read more of her books 

In Mercy Denied: Trinity we meet Trinity and Merrick

Trinity just recently found out her husband to be has been having an affair.. So she kind of hates men at the moment.. Especially cheaters
While out one night with her best friend Melanie, they spot the husband of her Melanie's friend flirting and chatting girls up at the bar
Melanie tells Trinity about how shitty he treats her friend and what a crappy husband he is... So they make a stupid decision to take photo evidence of his bar activities and sent them to Melanie's friend

Only.. once Trinity takes one look into Merrick's eyes, she can see a broken man staring back at her and feels an instant connection with him
Trinity has made a mistake in judging Merrick and backs out of her plan
But it's to late... Melanie has already send the picture... The damage is done

Trinity has no idea the problems she has caused and how that picture has destroyed Merrick's life 
Merrick has lost everything that matters to him.. All because of that stupid photo 

Now with nothing left to lose, Merrick makes it his mission to destroy Trinity and get revenge 

I loved this book... It is full of suspense and has plenty of surprises 
It had me constantly guessing as to where the story would lead 

I laughed, swooned, got angry and also really emotional 

Mercy Denied: Trinity is not just a typical revenge to lovers book... It's a story of love and loss, also it shows you to never judge someone until you know them personally as you can be so wrong, as Trinity was totally wrong in her judgement of Merrick 

I love Merrick.. He was so broken and confused, he was kind of lost and had no clue how to make everything ok 
He never intentionally wanted to hurt anyone 
I loved him from the start... I could just tell that he was a great guy that just lost his way

I liked Trinity... Even though at times I wanted to strangle her, but we all make mistakes in life and 
Trinity knew when she had done wrong, she owned up to it and done her best to make things right

Trinity and Merrick are perfect for each other 
I was rooting for them from the start 

Mercy Denied: Trinity is an Amazing Emotional ride


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