Burnout - Brooklyn Taylor

Easton Hunter has a one track mind. Drag racing. He doesn’t require anything but the rush of adrenaline while on the race track. His nights are full of women and his days are full of racing. Life is going just as he has planned until a tragedy strikes his family. He is left to pick up the pieces abruptly turning his life as he knows it upside down.

Harper Dunn is finally hitting the big time. Everything that she has ever worked for is falling right into place. She is determined to take the world by surprise. Nothing gives her more satisfaction than proving someone wrong that doubted her, especially of the opposite sex. She has never been in love and isn’t planning on it anytime soon. That is until she meets three year old Samantha Hunter.

As competition gets steep not only on the race track but also in their hearts, they have to decide to take the leap of faith or walk away from the best thing either has ever encountered.

Can Easton and Harper resist temptation when it is standing right in front of them?

Especially when they are car to car on the race track?

Can you handle the speed at 300 MPH?

My Review
Wow I devoured this book, Burnout is the first book I've read from this author but certainly wont be the last...

Burnout is about two drag racers... one girl.. one boy... both love to race and both don't do relationships
Their whole world revolves around racing...

WOW what can I say about East, he is so bloody swoon worthy.. yes he's you typical playboy but he is also a sweetheart underneath .... the way he is with his niece ,, OH GOSH its so sweet.....(sigh)

Harper is also a drag racer, she loves the thrill of the race... she meets East at a race when she starts racing professionally

The chemistry is off the charts, the sex is HOT AS HELL,
Burnout had me laughing, smiling, crying and swooning..

It was a awesome book and I just couldn't put it down, I just had to read it in one sitting as I couldn't stop :)
Burnout is definitely a book I will re-read over again... I must get Burnout in paperback.....
I hope the author writes more books from East and Harper.. I need more of them ...

I cant wait to see what is next from this author as she is amazingly talented

100* MUST READ ......xoxo faye


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