Friday 4 March 2016

Dirty Bad Secrets by Jade West

It’s been three years since I set foot in Club Explicit, and three long years since I set eyes on Andy Morgan.
He doesn’t want me here, doesn’t want to know me, doesn’t want to even hear my name.
But I’m back on his doorstep, in his office, in his life… with a suitcase full of dirty bad secrets.

Faye Devere is out to claim her old life back. Three years in Italy have come at a heavy price, and she’s running back to the only anchor she has left: her fifty-fifty share of Club Explicit, and the man she left to pick up her pieces.
But Andy Morgan’s long over it. Long over her.
Club Explicit is his baby now. His club, his rules, his way.
Andy’s not a man who shares easily. And certainly not with the woman who upped and left without so much as a goodbye.

When your battlefield is London’s horniest playground, and sex is the sole weapon left in your arsenal, it’s only a matter of time before the fight gets dirty… and the secrets get dirty bad.

WARNING: As is always the case with Jade West novels, please proceed with caution. The book 
contains hardcore BDSM and sexual practices that may offend some readers. Please use your own discretion. Most definitely 18+ on 

My Review 
  This is the first book I have read by Jade
 Dirty Bad Secrets is book 4  in that dirty bad series,  all books and read as standalones
 The all feature a different couple but they all kind of revolve around Club Explicit 

 The series order is :
1.  Dirty bad wrong 
2.  Dirty bad savage 
3.  Dirty bad strangers 
4.  Dirty bad secrets 

 Okay… So going into Dirty Bad Secrets, I was well aware of the warning from Jade..  
That this book was going to be a very dirty, bad, wrong book and I can usually deal with most crazy, naughty sex stuff..  But OMG this book just blew any warning right out the water!!!

 Dirty bad secret should be in it's own League of dirty ha ha !!! It totally topped anything I have ever read before 

 Also I want to add... that this book gets a extra star just for the fact it has a main character called Faye
 This is the first book I have ever read with a main character named Faye... And I have read many books!!! 
 So Jade..  Thank you so much for creating a character as out of this world as Faye, love ya 

 Okay the story…  it's Faye and Andy's story,  they are the owners of Club Explicit (The best 
ever BDSM/Sex club around) 
 Andy has been running the club for the last 3 to 4 years alone, after Faye took off and left him for another man !!!

Andy and Faye were only ever friends & business partners...  But they both have always secretly love the other way more than any friend should 
 So when Faye  left him to run the club alone and go live with another man he was furious, hurt and vowed to never forgive her

Now Faye is back... And she has changed 
 Something happened to her while she was gone and she is no longer there same Faye that Andy once knew.... 

 They now both have many Dirty Bad Secrets....

 I loved the story lines and plot… Amazing 
  Most of the sex stuff was hot as hell !!!
 But there were a few things I didn't like so much.... Mostly the parts where Faye took control and I defiantly didn't like it when she included Topaz!!!.... I Really HATED them parts!!! (don't get me wrong it was hot as hell, but i would of preferred it to of just been Andy and Faye) 

 I absolutely LOVED Andy  <3<3
 He was a really nice guy and he genuinely cared for Faye... I LOVED his sexy dominant side ;) 

The only thing that I really disliked about dirty but secret was Faye!!!
 I get that she is a bit messed up with what she went through… But she was just a bitch!!!
 She was selfish and only thought about herself.... And she was a total drama queen

 It was definitely Andy that saved the book for me 
 I would've preferred him to get with Faye and her to have not been a HUGE BITCH to him and to have not included Topaz at all... Then this book would of been a definite 5 Stars 

 I have read the synopsis for the first three books and I'm thinking I may go back and give them a go...  I am definitely curious 
And I defiantly want to read more about The Masque guy

Overall 4*... For Andy 


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