Friday 8 April 2016

Review of Training Him

Hot new M/M romance! 

Over weight and stuck in a loveless relationship, Troy makes the decision to join the local Gym and get back into shape for his girl. What he wasn’t expecting was to meet Mikah. Will his confusion scare him or tantalize him. 

Mikah is a trainer at Olympus Gym, openly gay outside of work, and in a happy relationship, that is until the afternoon he met Troy. With no intentions of changing Troy’s orientation, Mikah can’t help but admire 
from a distance. 

Sparks will fly while Mikah is, Training Him. 

A Nice and Easy, Short and Sweet m/m, GFY 

Training Him is the 1st book by Alissa I have read and it is also her 1st m/m read

Training Him was and enjoyable read...
I had a few problems with it but overall it was a nice short book

This book has a great blurb that really grips you 
For me the story just didn't hit all the right marks

PROBLEMS ~ The story/plot was a great one that could of certainly been an amazing book... But I found certain part a bit unbelievable!!! 

I know it is fiction... But I prefer my books where I can imagine them acting out in my head and so I can imagine them being real 

I Love Mikah... The hot, sexy, buff, gay guy... He is just a really nice guy
Troy, hmm.... I kinda liked him, but found they way he treated his GF a bit shitty!!! 
Also another huge problem for me was the fact that as soon as Troy decided to act on his attraction to Mikah he was full steam ahead !!!! I mean come on!!!! He has been straight all his life... I though it would of been better if he had gone into the sexual stuff with a little more nerves or at least eased into it... 
But I know it's a short book and everything has fit... So you can't really drag it out when the book is only a short story 

Other than a few problems I really did enjoy Training Him... I would of loved for it to be a full length story 😀

I am finding that atm I am enjoying m/m books a lot more that m/f !!! 
Up until a few moths ago I had never read a m/m book,,, but now I am totally addicted 
And Training Him was a perfect m/m read 

Overall a easy enjoyable 3.5* 


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