Wednesday 30 December 2015

Review - Falling For Hudson

Marlowe series Book 2
Falling for Hudson (Marlowe, #2)
Orphaned and alone, Chloe Weston is forced to leave everything she knows and start over with nothing more than a shattered heart. But it isn't long until the Hartley boys–both of them–begin to mend the broken pieces. Kind, loving, and reliable Hudson Hartley would move mountains to see her smile. On the contrary, fun, sexy, bad boy, Jax Hartley, only wants to help her forget about her pain. Filling the void in Chloe's life, the brothers vie for her attention--and heart. But only one can have her...
My Review
Falling for Hudson is book 2 in the Marlowe series
I didn't read book 1 - Finding Finn - prior to starting this book, but I kind of wished I did... anyway, Falling For Hudson can definitely be read as a standalone but is best read in series order...
This is going to be a quick review.. as I have a tone of books to review as I have been devouring lots of books over the Christmas holidays....  :)
I really loved Falling For Hudson...
OMG how amazing Hudson was <3
I need a Hudson in my life... I think all girls do
as he is such an amazing guy.... sigh <3
Chloe is dealing with the death of both her parents and she isn't dealing very well... as you could imagine with that kind of loss
Chloe loves both the Hartley boys
Hudson because he is sweet, caring and is there for her whenever she needs a shoulder to lean or cry on....
and Jax basically because he is a sexy, hot, funny bad boy
Both brothers want her... so she must choose which one she wants more
but how can she choose just 1...
Hudson has always been in love with Chloe and they have always been close... but he knows she has a thing for his cocky, ladies man brother Jax....
and he has held onto the hope that Chloe will one day love him as much as he does her...
He also knows what Chloe has been through and can see how much she is hurting... so he has put his feelings aside to just be there for her in any way he can....
and just prays that she chooses him over his playboy brother... he knows that Jax would probably leave her heart broken
where he would treasure the amazing girl that she is and never hurt her
but the choice is hers
Falling For Hudson was a real emotional read for me
at times I laughed out loud and also loved how sweet Hudson was... but I also really sad for Chloe... and Hudson
I was an emotional mess by the end :)
But I loved every bump in the journey to get there
I am definitely going to go back and read book 1 and I also cant wait for the next few books in the series... so I can see what is in store for this crazy group....
and emotional 4.5*
............xoxo faye

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