Wednesday 30 December 2015

Review - Noel

A Blue Collar Romance
Noel: A Blue Collar Christmas
E.R. nurse Noel Walker knows a thing or two about trauma, but when Officer Hunter Davis ends up as one of her patients, she might be the one in need of a gurney. Despite her attraction, Noel maintains a firm ‘no patients’ policy when it comes to dating, but as a man of the law, Hunter lives by a policy of his own: When he sets his sights on a target, he doesn’t give up until he slaps the cuffs on good and tight
My Review
I freaking love JC Valentine... so going into Noel I just knew I would absolutely love it
I was right ;)
Plus its Christmas time and there is nothing I love more than getting snuggled up on the sofa with a good Christmas romance...
Noel is a really enjoyable, fun novella
Its about a really lovely ER nurse named... yep you guessed it "Noel"
and lets not forget a super sexy cop named Hunter
They meet when Hunter ends up in the ER....
with Noel as his nurse
There is a instant attraction to one another
No matter what Noel thinks of Hunter she would never act upon her feelings with a patient... she would never mix business with pleasure
But Hunter has other ideas...
he wants Noel
and he is determined to show the sexy, stubborn nurse how great they could be together...
he wont take no for a answer
Noel is a great easy read.....
Novella length with nothing to deep
Noel is perfect for a quick enjoyable read
I LOVE JC... and every book of hers I've read
I loved Hunter and Noel they are now one of my fave couples....
But I have a real soft spot for Levi Black.. who stars in S.O.B by JC
So you MUST check him out also
JC writes THE BEST book boyfriends <3 <3 <3
Its her special talent ..... haha
............xoxo faye

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