Monday 28 September 2015

Work Song by Danielle Allen

                                                             Work Song

When society tries to put you in a box, knock the walls down. –Tati Green

“You have a pretty face” is such a back-handed compliment. It’s like telling me that my face is beautiful, but the rest of me is not.

Despite what society says, my curves are hot.
My love life, on the other hand, is not.

My mom says I’ll never find love because of my weight.

My sister says I’ll never find love because of my personality.

My almost-fiancĂ© says I’ll never find love because I’m incapable of loving anyone.

My mom and sister are full of it, but my ex kind of has a point.

At twenty-seven years old, I’ve never been in love. I date a lot, yet sparks never fly. But when I experienced the heart-pounding, skin tingling feeling for the first time, I didn’t think it would be caused by a guy I’ve never met. And I damn sure didn't think he would end up holding my future in his hands in more ways than one.

This is the first book i have read from this author but it certainly wont be the last. Danielle Allen has an amazing talent,, I absolutely love her writing style and just fell in love with the character's and story she has created...
From the minute i started this book I was instantly hooked , it was that good.
I stayed up until 4am to finish it, I just couldn't out it down.

Work Song tells the story Tati and Wes, two people who work for the same company only in different offices, in different cities... It all started with an email and soon they become email buddies and chat a lot via email..

They have never met each other face to face, they have only spoke via email and phone conversations, they both have the same likes and have loads in common so the attraction to one another is instant. they quickly fall into an easy going friendship and start to speak several times a day.

Then one day Wes gets news that he is being moved to a different office and yes you guessed it,, its tati's office..
The first time they meet face to face you can feel the sexual tension and oh my its HOT..( I was smiling like a loon reading this part)... they cant deny their feelings and attraction so they start secretly dating.. But not everything is plain sailing, work place relationships are forbidden, if they want to continue seeing each other they could risk losing their job and career basically risking everything Tati has worked towards her entire life and shatter her dream of becoming a professional sports writer..
Its a rollercoaster rise of emotions at times I was laughing so hard  my cheeks hurt.

Tati is a curvy, sassy, sexy, confident sports writer/receptionist who has big dreams and will do whatever it takes to accomplish them , including losing the love of her love..
Wes is a HOT.. sexy, lovely guy, who will do anything including risk his job to be with the love of his life... but its never going to work if he is the only one willing to risk it all..

I love these character's so sweet together, at times Wes had me swooning at how lovely he was with Tati.
The story flowed really well and written to a very high standard.
I don't have one bad thing to say about this book, I loved every second of every page..
Overall its a must read, the kind of book you will read and re-read again..
Well Done Danielle on such a amazing book ........faye xoxo

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