Monday 28 September 2015

A Taste Of Turkish Delight by Samantha Fontien

                                                          A Taste of Turkish Delight

The year is 2001, and we find Rubin Miller and his Best Friend, Duncan Peters (Dragonflies Trilogy) in Turkey, dealing with a very troublesome client...
Rubin’s beautiful ‘Mediterranean Goddess’…

Will he have his taste of Turkish Delight?
… Or will she prove to be more than a mouthful, even for our dashing Scottish rogue?

A Taste
Turkish Delight

*This book contains Mature Content and is intended for readers 18+*

This book is another short story by the talented Samantha Fontien... staring Rubin Miller (Dragonfly, wee bookie of nookie) this book is set when he is older, wiser but still sex on legs...unlike the other short stories he is in, when he is a young playboy/manwhore.

Rubin work at a security company, he takes on a job as basically a bodyguard to a beautiful, exotic heiress, but this assignment ends up being anything but routine...
They have explosive sexual tension and their attraction to each other is off the charts, but he has made a promise to his partner to keep it strictly professional and to keep his hands and other body parts to himself.
But they cant ignore the chemistry they have and cant deny how much they want each other.

This is the best book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed reading all the others.. it was a great book and i couldn't put it down..
I cant wait to see what is next from this author.

Overall this is a sexy MUST READ, this is now my favourite short, saucy, racy, read,, from a very talented author..... faye xoxo

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