Saturday 6 February 2016

Review of Beautiful Rugged

Beautiful Rugged
Sometimes us silly girls fantasize about things that never come to be. I had expectations after college—expectations to run off with Jake Larson and start our life together in a little Pennsylvania farm town. I had my happiness mapped out inside my head.

I didn’t expect to run into a strange, alluring man with a beard and dark hair stacked up on top of his head. I didn’t expect to be attracted to someone so—different. He was everything I didn’t know existed. He could make me feel things I’d never felt before. It didn’t seem possible that we could be together. We both had obligations. The world told us no, but we couldn’t stay away from one another, couldn’t deny that we were drawn together. He was so beautiful—so beautiful rugged. I was going to make him mine.
My Review
Beautiful Rugged is a absolute must read <3
I have read a few books by this author.. and they were the kind of books you love/hate, I had really mixed emotions for them...
So I was a little apprehensive to start this book, But once I started reading I got really sucked into the story... it was an amazing unexpected surprise, how much I truly loved the book as a whole 
I finished it one go, I just couldn't put it down
I seriously walked around doing housework with my kindle in one hand and a duster in the other, haha
In Beautiful Rugged we meet Evanna and Gideon... They are both "really" different people, that meet and have this crazy intense attraction from the moment there eyes meet
They have huge hurdles to jump and people standing in their way of happiness..
But they vow to deal with everything, they believe what they have is worth the fight
Its a breathtakingly beautiful story, that many of us go through in a one way or another in our own lives
It is a story that shows us being different in any way, shouldn't come between two people loving each other and being together
I have also never read a book before that has had a Amish character, which I wasn't sure what to think at first... but the author wrote the storyline so well and explained things about a Amish lifestyle and what beliefs they have... It was awesome to read about
But most of all it made me believe that when two people love each other, that you shouldn't let anything come between love and a chance of happy ever after
Its the kind of book that you will remember for a long time, as it really stands out from other books of its kind.. Its definitely a book I will re-read time and time again
I must buy it in paperback <3 This book definitely needs to be on my "Best Books Ever Written" bookshelf at home <3 
Beautiful Rugged was an amazing beautiful read <3 Loved it <3
5 Huge Beautiful Stars

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