Saturday 6 February 2016

My Review of Abel by L.B. Dunbar

Paradise #1
Paradise Fought: Abel
I'm not a fighter.
I was born into a fighting family. As the middle child, I was overlooked in favor of my older brother.
He took the negative attention, too. In comparison, there's nothing special about me.
I’m not as big as Cobra. I’m not as strong as Cobra. He's the alpha.
I'm a beta.
The second son.
The lesser one.
The one never encouraged to fight, never encouraged to do anything, but stay out of my father’s way.

I'm not a lover either - but I wished to be – that’s why I needed her.
I met a girl in the pouring rain.
Sounds cliché, but it's true. It changed everything.
Because of love, I learned to fight.

Betas come second, but in this fight, my story is first.
My Review
Abel: A Gripping, Unique Story of One Man's Fight Of His Life
This is the 1st book I have read by L.B... But it certainly wont be the last!!!
Wow... this author is a very talented writer <3 ..... and now I must go and read every other book L.B Dunbar has ever written!!!
Abel must fight for love, life and redemption
WOW !!!! What a freaking amazing book!!!... I am honestly left speechless... Epic read
Abel is not your typical MMA fighter romance book... (which if I'm honest is what I was expecting).. The plot/storyline was so much more and the characters are in no way your typical m/f couple
Abel is book 1 in the Paradise series.. I believe Abel's brother Cain's book will be book 2 in the series... well I'm hoping :)... As there is so many things I am dying to know about Cain!!
Oh My.. its gunna be another great book :) .... I cant bloody wait until I can get my hands on book 2..
Ok so back to Abel... As I said, Abel is so not your typical bad boy, cocky, playboy MMA fighter.... He is shy, kinda brainy, and the sexy nerd type
His brother Cain is a very successful MMA fighter, Cain is and always has been no1 in their fathers eyes...
Their father (an ex fighter) has always been really kind of abusive to both boys (both physical & emotional).... But Cain being older has always been there to step in and take the hits/punishments, to protect his little bother Abel... Cain has always protected Abel
Abel has always felt like No2 "A Beta" .... and has always wanted to fight, to prove himself to his father that he can do it just as good as Cain
But their father has always had more time for Cain's fighting career and Abel has never gotten his shot... So he will do whatever it takes to be the best and prove everyone wrong
We also meet Elma... Elma's brother was a great fighter and quickly becoming one of the best around... that is until he is killed during a organised fight in the ring...
Elma's brother had always been the provider for her and their mother, he was always the strong one keeping the family together... since his death Elma's mother has hit rock bottom... and became a drunk
So now its Elma who has taken up the role her brother left... But Elma also wants revenge!!!... She wants her brothers killer to pay for what he's done...
Revenge has become her main focus....
Abel and Elma go to the same collage... A deal is made between them, that benefits them both
He paid her tuition and she teaches him how to attract women, and be more cool
A simple deal.... Right???
Abel has felt a strong connection to Elma long before she even knew he existed...
He can see the hurt and pain in her eyes, that she hides behind her confidant façade
He cant help falling for the broken, amazing girl she tries to hide
Nothing goes to plan.. They both have huge secrets, that if discovered... would most definitely destroy everything
Abel is forced to participate in the fight of his life
He should walk away.... But if he does, he will lose it all
Beta must fight, if he ever wants to be free
OMG!!! Abel has so much going on, it grips you from the start and keeps you on the edge of your seat.... & keep you guessing as to how it will all end
Abel is one of "THE BEST" MMA's I have ever read!!!
It has everything you could ever want from an amazing romance novel... Drama, Action, Sweet Romance, Hot Sex, Plenty of Suspense  and Most of all a Super Sexy & Swoon Worthy Abel <3<3<3
I can only rate this book 5 stars.. but it deserves so much more, 5 is not enough!!
L.B... you have written a really amazing book, You have a very special talent<3
But I need Cain's book soon!!!!
A Gripping, Amazing Book

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