Saturday 23 January 2016

Review of Nothing Ever Lasts

Nothing Ever Lasts
I’m an asshole.

I got no shame in admitting it, hell my wife knew that first hand after we worked together the first time. It isn’t like I tried to be this candy ass punk of a douche to sweep her off her feet. Why would I waste my fucking time with that bullshit? When I can be a complete asshole and get her on her back.


Yeah, something like that. But in the end I don’t give a shit, I got her. Now I just have to figure out how to get her to fall in love with me and to actually give this marriage of ours a shot. If for no other reason than at least for our daughter Emmy.

18+ Readers, Sexual Content, Language
My Review
I have read a few books by Jasmine before and loved them... so I dove straight into this book
I have mixed feelings about Nothing Ever Lasts.. its kind of a 50/50 book for me, I loved and hated it all at the same time :)
Nothing Ever Lasts is a story about a Romance author and a cover model
They meet and have one hell of a journey to finding happiness
Here are my thoughts..... 
What I loved >>> The plot.. amazing idea, author and cover model = genius,,, its a refreshing change to your typical billionaire, rocker, biker romance we see a lot of
>>> I loved the characters and there individual/back stories and personalities
What I found I didn't like >>> The sex.. needs more detail / more steam
the sex was like 123, quick and like reading a shopping list kind of.. I felt it was just to plain & straight forward.. there needs to be more details and more emotion
>>> Nothing Ever Lasts has the potential to be a really great 5* book... but it just felt like it was lacking a lot, maybe it needed another edit or read through
>>> I would of also liked to have seen more of Boyd and Kailee interacting with Emmy... she seamed like she was just a piece of furniture that was mentioned now and again... We need more cute dad and baby moments, I mean who doesn't love a hot guy being all sweet with his daughter ??
Don't get me wrong, I know there are a lot of things I found wrong with this book, but I in no way disliked the book... all the things I have mentioned are just points that I personally thought would make this book a 5* read for me
I absolutely love Jasmine Lee, she is a really lovely talented author that has written some great books but this book needs just that bit extra
With all that said it was a great story with a brilliant plot and storyline that I devoured in one sitting
The story was gripping and I couldn't wait to see where the story would lead and how everything would end
Overall 3.5* Read
With a little work it has potential to be a really amazing 5*

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