Tuesday 29 December 2015

Review - Blue Dream #1

Book 1
Blue Dream
First love. Last love. Only love. Well, at least that’s how Ryder Collins thinks of the girl he lost because of his addiction ten years ago. While Ryder is battling the demons of his past to save his future, he will start to question the nightmare that has become his reality and the illusive blue dream that he swears started it all.

**Note from Author Book 2 coming Feb 2016**
My Review
What can I say about Blue Dream ????......
WOW Xavier you did good yet again ;)
another awesome book... I don't think I've read a book of your that I haven't absaloutly loved....
And I loved Blue Dream.. like always, it has left me speechless
... that's a good thing :)
Blue Dream is a 2 part series, this book kind of ends on a bloody HUGE cliff-hanger
... That's why I need book 2 like yesterday
Ryder is the main male lead...
Ryder... Oh poor Ryder
he is in rehab battling his addictions... and is meeting regularly with a in house counsellor to talk through his feelings... which is how we get a real deep look at what demons he in dealing with... and we really get to know how lost and wounded he is  :(
I just loved Ryder... he is hurting and battling with a lot of crap in his life, and he is now living and dealing with the consequences of using drugs to help numb all the hurt and sorrow in his soul.... basically he has been in one big drugged up state to keep his mind and body from feeling
he has numbed himself for years and is now taking the leap to fight his addiction and finally confront the heartbreak he has held onto from hurting and loosing the love of his life years ago.... he has never forgiven himself for breaking Presley's heart, the girl he gave his heart too many years ago
Even though at times I wanted to give him a smack and tell him to sort himself out !!!!
I just couldn't help but love the lost, broken heart-breaking man he is..
Presley is kind of living her life on pause...
she has a great if very boring/vanilla husband, a great business and a lovely home.... but the spark from her marriage has long gone... if it was ever really there to begin with...
and she feels kind of lost
Pres and Ryder were childhood sweethearts.... they were soul mates
they had promised each other forever, planned out their lives together... marriage, kids.. the whole white picket fence future together
Until one day out of the total blue Ryder (the dick) shatters their dreams and breaks Presley's heart !!!
Now both living totally different lives they haven't seen each other since... but they both still absolutely love each other, they are meant for each other and no one can ever replace the other....
They are both in totally different places/stages in there lives.... and they both now lead really different lives......
Presley's heart was shattered by Ryder and it will never fully heal from the heartbreak he caused... so how could she ever forgive the man that broke her????
What will happen when they meet again after many years apart... can she ever forgive him for all the hurt and pain he caused???
Even though ends on a cliffy I am so happy I read it :)
The plot was really original, well thought out and the story flow was seamless....
Yet another EPIC book by Xavier
Its a MUST READ... as are all her books if I'm honest
I cant recommend Blue Dream enough... READ IT !!!!
99* read..  haha I took off 1* for the bloody cliff-hanger
Ok Xavier... I NEED BOOK 2 NOW :D

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