Monday 15 February 2016

Review of Protecting His Forever


I always thought soulmates were an illusion dreamed up in fairytales until Kane. He stormed in during the scariest moment of my life, and even though he fights his own demons, he fights harder for me. Together, we have an unbreakable bond.


I’m ruthless, especially when it comes to Sydney. She has a stalker, and he’s brought company. Sydney is MINE, and I will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. But, when we’re hit with a surprise, our lives are changed forever…

My Review
This is Leanne Ashers debut book and for a first book... Protecting His Forever is absolutely amazing 

Protecting His Forever is a beautifully heartbreaking story

 In this book we meet Sydney....  She is stalked and then attacked by an unknown man, just when she thinks all is lost a her hero saves her
 Her hero turns out to be no other than her brothers army friend Kane...
 Sydney has never met Kane in person, she has only ever seen him in photos and heard about him from her brother 
 Kane is really hot in the flesh... and there is an instant attraction and sparks fly

 Sydney has had an awful childhood and has been through a lot so her brother has always been her protector... He has always been the one to look after Sydney and their Mam 
.... Until Kane

 Kane  has also had a crappy childhood, joining the army was the best thing he has ever done, he became a man in the army and made some lifelong friends that includes Sydney's brother 

 After Sydney is attacked he has instant attraction to her and feels really protective of her
Kane  is a really alpha, dominant guy
 So when ghosts from Sydney's past resurface and threaten her life.... he gives her no choice but to let him look after her and become her personal bodyguard of sorts

Kane will do anything to protect Sydney and nothing will stand in his way
Sydney finds him bossy as hell..... But she can't deny the explosive chemistry they have 

I Absolouty loved Protecting his forever...  Storyline in the plot are very original 
 I freaking love Kane ❤️❤️❤️  He is your strong, dominant, take no crap kind of guy and if he wants Sydney... He will have her <<< Swooon
 I also loved the kids..I love that  Sydney and Kane took them in and showed them love and treated them as their own son and daughter...   It was so sweet to read and a great twist to the story 

 Another thing I found that I loved about the story was that when Kane and Sydney  got together there is no cheating, no break ups, no bullshit !!!!  Most books around at the minute the couples always have make ups and break ups but not this couple.... yes they have problems but they stick it out 

 The only negative is probably the fact there was a lot of drama from a few different bad guys...  I think one enemy was enough

 But this in no way took away from the amazing love story of Kane in Sydney 

Protecting his forever it's a beautiful debut...
 I can't wait to see what Leann writes next...  I am hoping and praying we get a book about Ethan and Brae 😍   I really want that story,...  So please Leann  can we have Ethan's book??
 Also I would like to find out more about the MC club members that are mentioned in this book.. I think they would have a really great story (Fingers crossed) we get the MC books also 


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