Wednesday 3 February 2016

Review of Lennox

Ride Or Die #1
Lennox (Ride or Die #1)
"He's an outcast. A rebel--with blood on his hands. But maybe I can save us both..."

Lennox knows he's a dead man walking. He's done his time and paid for his crimes, but the crew never forgets.

Elena Drazic was raised with grease under her nails. She's no stranger to the ride or die mentality. So when Lennox arrives back in town after an accident that tore her crew apart, she knows nothing good can come from his freedom.

But she can't forget how he makes her feel. And when she's with him, she can't remember why she's supposed to stay away.
My Review
Lennox is book 1 in the Ride or Die series
Wow, what a ride.... Lennox is kind of like the Fast and Furious, featuring a sweet, sexy bad/good guy
Watch Out ... Lennox is the guy, that's about to become your new book boyfriend <3 & your gunna love him
I freaking loved this book, I was gripped from the start.... its real fast paced, keeps you on the edge of your seat & keeps you guessing on where the story will lead
I love the storyline/plot.. its so original, full of suspense & surprises... I honestly loved everything about it, especially Lennox <3
I was so shocked to find out that this was the authors debut book... I mean WOW this girl can write
For a debut book, Lennox is absolutely flawless... I can really seeing this author go very far in the writing world
In Lennox we meet Elena Drazic... she is so not your typical heroine. She lives for cars and races
After her parents deaths, Elena's uncle takes her in and raises her.. he owns and runs a car shop/garage, and has taught Elena everything she knows about cars
Elena is also a member of her uncles race crew.. he role is kind of the mechanic, she builds and fixes the cars up to racing condition.... although her dream has always been to race the cars and not just fix them
We also meet Lennox... he has just been released from prison for the murder of his best friend... Troy, he killed him in a car crash while driving drunk one night
Now released, he is looking for work to support his grandma... he knows he cant return to his old crew with Drazic.. he is dead to them after killing Troy. Lennox and Troy were both in the Drazic crew.. but so is Troy's brother Nash..... Nash hates Lennox, and will never let him return to the crew after he killed Nash's little brother
Lennox grew up in the Drazic crew.. they were family to him, Lennox made a promise to Elena when they were younger... he promised to be a better man and make something out of himself so he could be a man she deserved
Lennox has always loved Elena... even as kid's, he always say her as his future... it was thoughts of Elena that got him through many nights locked away in prison.......
But now he is out.. he must stay away from her
Lennox has gotten himself mixed up in some huge trouble with some dangerous people.....
Its life and death on these streets and he must do whatever it takes to stay alive... even if that means he must stay far away from Elena... she deserves a great man to love her and he is not a good guy  
Lennox was a really great book... I loved the story, the characters, the excitement, the fast pace, the action, the car chases and of course Lennox <3<3
I found myself loving Lennox from the start.. I could tell underneath the bad guy, was a really sweet, amazing man
Lennox is a MUST READ !!!! DO NOT miss out on this amazing book.... Its a MUST READ !!!
Also a HUGE CONGRATS to the author... on a sensational debut <3
Just Wow....
A Explosive Ride.. 5 HUGE stars

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