Wednesday 27 January 2016

Review of Star

 A Stepbrother Romance
Star: A Stepbrother Romance
Jill: I know what he does for a living. I'm the only one in our family who knows what he does for a living, but I can't tell anyone. How do you tell someone that your step-brother is a porn star?

Even before that, Cash did everything he could to make sure I saved myself for him and him alone. It became too much, and I had to move out.

Now, I have to come back to save the family…including him.

Cash: I knew exactly what I was doing to Jill all those years: I was teasing her without mercy. There was nothing more powerful than turning on your step-sister and then shutting her down when she wanted me most. Now I don't think I can say no…

I’ve seen the look in her eye. Jill knows what I do for a living. She knows just how good I am. She knows there’s no way to stop what’s going to happen between us.

This 40,000 word novella is a standalone with a guaranteed happily ever after. All characters are over the age of eighteen and are consenting adults.
My Review
Star is a Step-Brother romance.. Kind Of, But it is so much more than your typical Step-Bro Books
Star is my first book by both authors, but I freaking loved Star so I will definitely look out for more books by both of these amazing authors
Ok Star... Going into star I expected it to be like your typical step-brother books.. but wow it was so much more than that
I LOVED the two main leads Jill and Cash
Jill is a really smart, sassy girl and I just loved everything about her
Cash is a >>>PORNSTAR <<<  Yep a Pornstar.. he is a playboy too ;)
But I found myself really liking him the more I got to know him.. he had a lovely side to him and was funny as hell
Cash and Jill were at one point step siblings.. but there parents have been separated for years now
Cash still has a relationship with Jill's father even though him and his mother are no longer together.. he was the only father figure Cash has ever really had
I really loved the fact that they are still close.. as in most books they never speak again and/or hate each other
So I loved that Cash still thought of Jill's father as family, as a uncle of sorts
Now... the book starts years after the separation, and Cash and Jill haven't seen each other face to face <(haha read the book you'll understand)... Jill you sneaky girl ;)
Cash contacts Jill to tell her that her father is dying and that she needs to return home, as she moved away years ago to start a new life and hasn't really spoken to her father since
As soon as the private jet lands (Jill's fathers rich).. Cash the guy she has crushed on since forever, is there to meet her off the plane.... Oh Boy, start the drama
When they were younger and there parents where together.. Jill had a huge crush on Cash, and Cash knew she did... that's why he used to tease her and he made her life hell
So as soon as Jill was old enough, she up and left her family home, Cash, her father and the rich lifestyle.. to start out fresh on her own, in a small town with very little money... but its her life and she is the boss and living by her rules......... unlike when she was living at home
Star has everything you could ever want from a Great Book
Romance, Sex (WOW HOT!!), Sassy Heroine, Alpha Male, Lots of LOL Moments... and a Whole Load of Drama
I honestly loved, loved, loved this book, take a chance on Star.. its an amazing read
Really Entertaining... and HOT AS HELL!!!
A All Round Awesome Romance Read

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