Sunday 13 December 2015

Review - Sands Of Time

The Heart Falls Heroes - book 2
Sands of Time (The Heart Falls Heroes, book 2)
K. D. Friedrich is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Sands of Time, book 2 in her hot new series, The Heart Falls Heroes. Sands of Time is a contemporary romance set in a small Upstate New York town called Heart Falls, a town where heroes are born and passion is bred. This spicy romance tests the boundaries of trust, forgiveness, strength, passion, and most of all…love.

Once again, single mom Jade Santiago is trapped under her father’s firm hand. If her existence wasn’t complicated enough, her son’s father, John Sands, has popped back into her life. John doesn’t know JT is his son, and Jade plans to keep it that way. John’s ignorance ensures his protection from her abusive, vindictive father. Especially now that John works for him.

Bad-boy-turned-cop John Sands loves women, but hates relationships. At least, that was, until Jade Santiago came back to town. Now he wants things. Things like family and commitment. Not to mention hot sex. For her, he’s ready to change his priorities. If he can only get past her stubborn indifference and the chief of police, who happens to be her father and his boss, she’ll end up right where she belongs—in his arms and his bed

Keeping JT’s dad a secret for all these years seemed like a good idea, but the more John proves himself a genuine friend and an honourable man, the more Jade struggles with her intense attraction and undeniable guilt. He deserves the truth. A truth that will ultimately destroy all she has worked to protect. A truth that will shatter the trust of the only man she has ever loved. A truth that will change their lives forever.
My Review
This is the first book I've read by this author and I really enjoyed it so I will definitely read more from K.D. Freidrich
Sands Of Time is book 2 in the Hearts Falls Heroes Series ... all book are intertwined and feature the same group of people ... but can all be read as standalones
Sands Of Time is Jades story ... she is a struggling single mam to a cute little guy.. Jt
After the aunt she lived with dies ... she has no choice but to return to live with her dad... he was really abusive to her when she lived there last, hence the reason she moved to live with her aunt when she found out she was pregnant... but her dad now insists he's changed and blames his behaviour on the fact that he was just struggling with dealing after the death or her mother... his wife
But when Jade returns to her childhood home and town... not only does she have to deal with her dad that has not changed at all, but she will be living in the same small town as her son's father... the man she gave her virginity to on the most amazing night of her life...
The thing is ... John, the man she has loved for as long as she can remember... doesn't know he is the father to Jt ....... Bring on the drama
There is so much going on in this book, it really keeps you guessing
I really felt for Jade... the abuse she goes through at the hands of her dad, the man that is supposed to love and protect her...
She really loves John, but feels she doesn't deserve him due to her keeping Jt a secret to him... and also the fact her dad has beat it into her since she was little that she is worthless...
so she feels John is to good for her and he deserves a better woman than her...
Jade kept Jt a secret from John as she believed if he knew the truth her dad would kill both her and John.... she keep it secret to keep John safe
Sands Of Time was pretty emotional... but a great read
I loved the plot and the story flowed lovely...
I really enjoyed reading Sands Of Time.. I devoured it in one sitting
I just couldn't put it down until I had finished...
I cant wait to read more from this author
A Really Exceptional, Great book... 5* ....xoxo faye

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