Sunday 13 December 2015

Review - Lies

(Phoenix Undercover Book 1)
FBI Agent Joshua Phoenix goes undercover…Deep.

Thrust into a world of drugs and criminal activity, integrating himself into the Russian Mafia turned out to be much more than Josh bargained for.

It’s dark and it’s dangerous.

The lives they destroy along the way will never be the same.

The things he is forced to do will haunt him forever.

Even more importantly, he never planned on meeting her…

A chance encounter with Real Estate Agent Gabriella Shannon, has Josh questioning his ability to complete his mission.

And now the dark world may consume them both.

He’s in too deep.

Leaving now would only risk the safety of those around him.

But when his cover’s blown Josh is forced to make a decision that will reroute his future.

One decision.

The hardest decision he will ever have to make in his life.

And those he meant to protect will be the ones who suffer the most…
My Review
Going into Lies I thought it was a standalone.. I was wrong
There will definitely be another book as this book ended in a cliff-hanger... and the story is in no way finished .... Darn them cliff-hangers
I wont go into the story or the plot... Just read the synopsis
Its the perfect teaser of what your getting from the book...
I Loved C.A Harms writing style, I don't know what it is about it I love ... Just that the way she writes makes it really easy to follow and understand. It makes reading her books a really enjoyable experience ...
So I will definitely read more books by this author
Lies had everything you could possible want from a great book...
Suspense, Romance, Drama and plenty of twist n turns...
But no bloody Happy Ever After ... as we will have to wait for the next book to find out how the story ends...
Other than the cliff-hanger I really loved Lies .. I loved everything about it
It was areal page turner ....
with a super sexy but sweet FBI agent...
What more could you want ???
Awesome Book
4.5* READ ... - 0.5* for the Cliff-hanger
..............xoxo faye

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