Sunday 22 November 2015

Review - Good Girl vs Bad Boy - Jessie Evans

Good Girl VS. Bad Boy: The Marine Meets His Match (Brody Brothers Book 1)
Good Girl VS. Bad Boy: The Marine Meets His Match (Brody Brothers Book 1)
Let the battle of the sexes begin... He's hot, wild, unpredictable, untamable, and her best friend's older brother. 

Colton Brody is everything a good girl like Phoebe Page should avoid. But since her sister Kelly's death, Phoebe isn't as worried about being good as she used to be. She wants to live big with no regrets, the way Kelly did, and she intends to start with having a top secret, super steamy, no-strings-attached holiday fling with the man she's crushed on her entire life.
What could go wrong?

Except everything?

Wounded in action and discharged without a chance to prove himself, all Colton cares about is getting back into the Marine Corps where he belongs. He will not get sucked into small town drama, will not take that promotion at the firehouse, and certainly won't fall in love with his little sister's best friend. He's down for friends-with-benefits, nothing more, and plans to leave town long before quirky, bossy, cute-as-a-button Phoebe can get under his skin.
He's in control.

At least until a certain sexy brunette turns his world upside down.

It isn't long before Colton finds himself buying flowers, talking feelings, and wishing Phoebe wanted more than another night of hot, no-holds-barred sex. Because when he's with Phoebe even hot and dirty feels like making love.

Now Colton will have to decide what's worth fighting for--the dreams a plane crash stole from him or the dream he's holding in his arms.

WARNING: Good Girl vs. Bad Boy contains a mix of heart-warming romance, quirky characters, laugh out loud moments, and blisteringly hot banging. If you don't like hot sex, laughter, mentions of humping unicorns, turkey bowling, off-beat town rituals, or graphic descriptions of artisanal pancakes, steer clear.
My Review
This is the first book by Jessie Evans I have read and I really love her writing style, I cant explain what about it I love, but it makes reading a book like this a really enjoyable experience..
Phoebe has just lost her sister to an unexpected death.. to honour her amazing sister .. she returns to her home town and vows to live each day like your last and celebrate life to the fullest ...
She is off to a spectacular start haha  :) she locks herself out of her house, in her comfy PJ's and fluffy slippers ...
everything's fine though ;)
She climbs up a ladder to her bedroom window, then slips...
and falls down catching and losing her PJ bottoms on the way down.... then if not humiliating enough.. guess who catches her at the bottom???
its only her long time crush .... her BF's brother ... Colton..
Phoebe has had a major crush on Colton for as long as she can remember,
But Colton ex marine now firefighter ;) , has only ever seen her as his little sisters best friend ... kind of like another sister...
But now seeing her after two years all grown up and sexy as hell... he definitely doesn't see her as a sister anymore... and in a whole new light..
They decide to have a bit of fun together and are both really into each other... but its only supposed to be a bit fun until Colton heel's and returns to the marines..
but they both end up having feelings much deeper than just fun.....
It can only end in a broken heart for someone...
I found myself laughing a lot while reading GGvBB it was entertaining as hell...
and the passion from them OH MY ... it had me in hot flushes ....
and plenty or swoon moments ...
I really enjoyed it, Good Girl vs Bad Boy was a really enjoyable easy read...xoxo faye

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