Sunday 20 September 2015

Surviving Him by Dawn A Keane

                                                      Surviving Him (Shameless, #1)
An explosive love story of a mother and her struggle to be with the love of her life against all odds. Logan is strong, sexy, and the type of father that Dana’s daughters deserve in their lives. Dana’s life is rocked by tragedy, she is forced into running from her psychotic ex-husband, Ian, and it seems he’s determined to keep them apart.
Left with nowhere else to turn Dana and her girls seek shelter in a women’s refuge in Manchester, where Dana finds lifelong friendships in the other women who live there. Sisters brought together by despair that haunts them every single day, but the laughter they bring keeps out the darkness that is Dana’s past, she hopes she can find herself again. But a life away from Logan and his ability to ignite the flame deep inside her is almost unbearable.
Dana’s not the only one, Logan will fight anyone and anything to be back in Dana’s arms again. Can they carve out an existence for their fiery passion amid Ian’s rage?  

Dark erotic romance contains subject matter some might find distressing, also violence and sexual scenes. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

I loved this book, it was an emotional rollercoaster..
Dana (female lead) is a survivor, she is a awesome mother and she loves her girls with everything she has. She was violently abused by her ex and is now living her life in hiding to keep her and her girls safe. She cant even be with the love of her life, her soul mate Logan for fear that the ex will find them and hurt him. Logan is also dealing with his own issues. The road to their happy every after has a lot of ups and downs and plenty of speed bumps. But I loved the chemistry and love between Dana and Logan, at times it was HOT!!!..
Overall this was an awesome read,, the author has written and dealt with the sensitive subjects amazingly well and I will definitely read more from this author ...

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